Seminars, Demonstrations and Private Classes


If you would like to make arrangements to book for a seminar, demonstrations or private classes, (Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat, Conventional Military Tactics, Techniques and Maneuvers), please feel free to inquire with me directly at: (757) 284-9828.  See below for requirements.

The flat rates are as follows:  any number of participants
Travel expenses (fares, tickets, tolls, taxis, hotels and rental cars) are to be added.
Virginia: 500.00/day - 800.00/Sat-Sun
Outside VA: 800.00/day - 1,300.00/Sat-Sun
Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, South America: 1,300.00/day - 1,900.00/Sat-Sun
All seminars in Europe or Asia: 1,700.00/day - 2,400.00/Sat-Sun

If you have any other special events, please inquire with me for a special rating,
I will be glad to help you.


Name of School (If applicable):
Address of Event:
Proposed Date of Seminar:
Proposed Attendances for...
Promotions:  separate charges
Certifications:  separate charges
Classes:  as mentioned in flat rates schedule
Requirements for PRIOR EVALUATIONS:  Please post a video for viewing:  Three minute clip, no pause, no choreography, Minimum of 120 connecting points by candidate (legs to head), no need to call-out targets, and must Show five disarming techniques appropriate with your weapon.  The candidate can use any ko-bu weaponry and must show accuracy, safety and respect.  Three page essay on your Philosophy, Techniques, and Precepts of your training system.  Create a blog-post and e-mail the site of your post at the above address.

The hosting school or group are permitted to set charges or admission fees.  Any resulting direction of proceeds or funds are not monitored or controlled by my organization.  Every participants are subject to agreement to disclaimer of any liability caused by injury or mishap that may incur in connection with the event or seminar.  Later organized training or instruction must be approved or inspected by my organization.  

All aspect of the seminar and training have been monitored and evaluated to conduct and provide a safe environment and effective learning sessions.  All adjustment to any curriculum must be evaluated by my organization.  Thankyou for your participation and I wish you all well in your endeavors.

NOTE:  Please be advised that all my instructions and teachings has no political orientation.  I am not here to teach a certain language, way of life or religious belief.  I am here to instruct the way and the strategy of the sword.  Where ever I may be conducting, I would only allow that countries' flag to be raised, not to offend it's standpoint with other countries.  I am an American and I believe in its values.  I respect the origin and instructors of Kenjutsu, but I am not to instruct you to wear their flag nor enlighten you about their politicians, or any other countries'.  In this day and age, I am obliged to prompt my students about the sensitivity of this aspect, (Just because you're practicing tae-kwon-do, it does not mean that you are on the same side of their political values?).  Unless you are an olympiad representing the country that's sponsoring you, please refrain from this careless manner. Although I believe in the existence of differing values, I believe in sharing knowledge and wisdom with all mankind.  In the end, this unite our spirits.